überweb redesign now live

The long wait is over. After years of anticipation the redesign of überweb is now complete and online for your viewing pleasure.

After “coming soon!” for far too long, überweb has been re-branded, and uberweb.com.au completely redesigned.

The most obvious change is the new muted colour palette and a simpler typographically focussed logo.  Due to the continuing advancements of modern browsers the site is fully rendered in html5/css3 which means nicer fonts thanks to @font-face and a prettier UI from the use of box shadows, text shadows, gradient overlays and rounded corners.  You’ll also find that site looks alright on mobiles / tablets too.

The aims of this site (and my work in general) still remains the same.  By borrowing heavily from the philosophy of Nietzsche and his concept of the Übermensch, the überweb is a goal for all websites to be better then the current standards.

  • oli

    This comment section is great, is it a plugin or custom built & the design is great too