Uber Login Logo WordPress Plugin

A simple, lightweight WordPress plugin to change your login logo. Packaged free from bloat.

Uber Login Logo is a simple plugin I made so that I could customise the login screen on my own website by utilising in-built WordPress functions and the WordPress media uploader.

Considering all the bloated plugins and resource intensive implementations floating around, I thought this lightweight codebase and clean UI could be of similar benefit to other WordPress users/developers.

Don’t expect too many fancy bells and whistles, this plugin does one thing, and does it well.

Get the Latest Version Here

Download from WordPress.org

Uber Login Logo wp-admin screenshot

Uber Login Logo Settings Page

For full changelog see the plugin page on WordPress

  • r
  • Dhruvin Shah

    Hi Alex, I have been using this plugin since a long time but with recent updates from WordPress, some of the functions and filters are deprecated. It would be grateful if you allow me to update the plugin. I would like to adopt this plugin and maintain it so other users too can use without any errors.


  • Andreas Werner

    works fine with WP 5.3.2

  • funStar

    Is there a way to get a higher resolution on the image for the logo?

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  • Irene van Malsen-Stap

    In WordPress 4.6.1 the plugin doesn’t work!

  • telemarker

    please make it work with svgs and add some fields in the settings for height and width.
    now uber is displaying it as background imge with 1px 1px and thats why you cannot see the logo.

  • oliver

    Love the plugin but when can we expect retina support!? Thanks!

  • martinsjastad

    how would i go about adding retina image support to the logo?

  • Doesn’t work with rename wp-admin plugin.

  • hello

    I’m having the same problem.. just tells you to upload image and then does nothing

  • Kezako

    Thank you for this plugin. Great ! 🙂

  • SimonFTWorthington

    It’s a great plug in – simple to use and not bloated at all. Thanks a lot.

  • ilwoody

    i uploaded the image but nothing changed. Should I set anything first?

  • Elvis Brine

    This is an impressive logo you have published here and I really enjoy the information you have posted in this article. http://www.logoforwork.com/logo-design-packages.php

  • reno

    works in 4.0 thanks

  • Jason

    Great, simple plug-in. Thank you. The only other thing I would like to be able to do is edit the URL link the the logo image goes to. I’m a web designer and host loads of sites on a dedicated server and would like the logo to be my company logo (which I can now do thanks to you) but would like it to link to my company website. I can probably figure out how to do this by editing the php but I though I’d check to see if there was a chance that you might add this feature.


  • hamis

    uploaded it and nothing happens

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  • JLS

    GR8 plug-in!!!
    But in WP 3.9.1 “Upload Image” does nothing …

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  • Kevin

    Nice Plugin. I use another plugin to create a custom URL to replace /wp-admin/ (helps to cut down on brute force attacks). It seems like this plugin only works when the login is the default URL. Is it possible to use this plugin with a custom login URL? Thanks.

    • Let me have a look and get back to you. What plugin do you use to rewrite the login URL?

      • Damgraphy | photo

        Hello! I have the same problem. I’m using Rename wp-login.php plugin. Can you help me? Thanks

  • markomark

    are you going to add a function that can tile a background image? would be muchocoolo..

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  • RidgeBack

    Works well with 3.8 now. thanks!

  • lblake

    My image is also cropped after upgrading to 3.8. Await the plugin update and thanks.

  • Johan

    I just updated to WP 3.8 as well and am having trouble with the logo getting cropped. Looking forward to the next release to fix this! Thanks!

    • I’ve just uploaded a fix which should resolve these issues. Next time you update all should be alright in the world again.

  • gunaweb

    Great plugin…thanks! I just upgraded to WP 3.8 and the logo got cropped by the WP default CSS 80px 80px. Are you going to have the new version soon?


  • sGerli

    doesnt works with wordpress 1.8

  • Hi Alex, thanks for the cool plugin! Just read about it at Tidy Repo and installed it on http://practicebased.re/search but unfortunately it seems to clip the 300 x 100 px png image. Running WP 3.7 with ULL 1.2 and the 1.4.2 version of the Newsworthy theme from WPThemes NZ.

    Here’s the plugin setting showing the full image:


    And here’s the login screen showing it clipped:


    Thanks so much!

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  • Julie Wolpers

    Thanks for a great plugin. However, I need a logo to load securely via https but I am unable to alter the url during or after upload. Suggestions?

    • Hi Julie, sorry it took so long for me to notice your comment. Should be fairly easy fix so I’ll try and get another update with this in it tomorrow.

      • Julie Wolpers

        Thank you!

  • Benjamin Canlas

    Great plugin! been using and seeing it daily on a couple of my sites – always gives me a feeling of really owning the website or giving it my own brand.

    Any advice on how to modify a background color or add background image? I’m just an average WP user at the moment.


  • Devin

    The login image does not center anymore! Ideas?

    • appears fine on ie8 + latest versions of firefox, chrome and safari. Sure your image is centred? got link?

  • Andrew

    The plugin used to work for me, but sadly no more. I’m using WordPress 3.4.2 and updated the plugin to 0.4 version. The logo jpeg or png won’t show, but I can click where it should be above the login and it links back to the home page which is correct. Maybe plugin conflicting with others.

  • Andrew Sepic

    Thank Goodness! There are a lot of overpowered or poorly designed plugins that Uber Login Logo leaves behind with ease. I’m glad I’ve found it! I like making my clients feel at home when logging into their site.

  • Sharon

    Just what I needed – Thanks!

  • bob

    I own some of the premium plugins and I keep coming back to Uber Login. It’s just light and simple and it works perfectly – just not multisite. Great plugin, thanks.

    • Thanks for the kinds words Bob, I haven’t played around with WP multisite much yet but I’ll put it on my todo list for the next version.

  • DA

    Doesn’t work for me, at all? Uploaded a 312×100 png. Don’t see it on the login page at all. Helpsies? http://jimmystarent.com

    • Make sure you have the latest version installed and other similar plugins are disabled so they don’t conflict with each other.

  • Thanks for the plugin! Just updated WordPress to 3.4 and since then the login logo looks ‘squeezed’ in Safari. Tried deactivating, deleting and reinstalling but the problem persists. See http://expographics.eu and click ‘inloggen’ in the menubar.

    • Looks like they made some minor changes to the admin styles for WordPress 3.4. Look out for an update to the plugin over the weekend.

      • v0.4 is out with css updates that should make the logo look better on webkit browsers

    • v0.4 is out with css updates that shoud make the logo look better on webkit browsers.

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  • RCR

    Great little plugin. Only one that moves the logo so it’s not covered by the “You are now logged out” message as far as I can tell. Well done.

  • Great suggestion Jamie. I’ve updated the plugin for you, hopefully it works for you.

  • Jamie

    Hi, I’ve been using your plugin on my site eastlothianfm.co.uk for a while and love it’s simplicity. Problem is, I have WP installed in a directory (eastlothianfm.co.uk/bassrock) and that is where the logo link is taking me. I’m sure this didn’t happen when I installed it, did it?

    If you want to take a look, the login page is at eastlothianfm.co.uk/bassrock/wp-login.php

    Could you give me a clue what I should edit to get a link to eastlothianfm.co.uk?



  • OC2PS

    Does the plugin change the alt/title tag of the logo to the site name?

    I am using another plugin, which seems to work fine but shows the “Powered by WordPress” alt/title tag.

    I see that in your website, the alt/title tags are actually customized for your site.

    That’s what I want too.


    • The title tag of the link is taken from the Tagline that you set under General Settings.

  • thanks for making such a simple toll. saves me a lot time and is supersimple and lightweight.
    greetings from switzerland

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